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Setup a 2016 Nano Server for Hyper-V on a Dell Internal Dual SD Module (IDSDM)

Here are my notes that I used to get Nano server running on a Dell R730 with SD Cards.
The part number for the Internal Dual SD Module (IDSDM) is PMR79 or 330-BBCN
It has dual 16GB SD Cards Dell DP/N: 037D9D

Preparing your management PC/server (Or install the latest RSAT tools for Build 1607 or newer on Win10)
Install-WindowsFeature -Name RSAT-Hyper-V-Tools, Hyper-V-Tools, Hyper-V-PowerShell, RSAT-Clustering, RSAT-Clustering-MGMT, RSAT-AD-PowerShell -Verbose

You will need the ADK and Nano Server Image Builder.  
There is an intro to the Image builder and links to that and the ADK here:

Create your Nano server USB stick so you can install Nano on bare metal.
You can make an ISO for use with a Virtual console like iDrac too.
The first part of the…

Fix Boeing Portal setting for Internet Explorer IE11

The Boeing Supplier Portal stopped working for us after Boeing made a change on 10/5/2016.
The Boeing Portal support team was able to help a little, but they have no documentation on how your IE11 should be setup to access their Exostar and Boeing Portal sites.
Some of the errors we were seeing were a black page after we clicked on the Boeing Portal link in the Exostar MAG page and then some people would get to the portal but then get a login screen any time they clicked on a link, like the REDARS/EID Drawing search window.

There also seems to be a new requirement to setup security questions.  For people with problems this page may come up over and over.

For the record, we are running x64 Windows 10 Enterprise with Prizm Plugin 10.3

Here are the things we had to do in order to get full Portal access to work again.

Close all your IE Browser Windows
Open one new IE Browser Window

Check ALL boxes Except for Passwords reset and th…

Silent upgrade batch file for CATIA V5-6R2016

Here is my silent upgrade batch file for CATIA V5-6R2016 This blog is going to wrap some lines and sometimes screw up the quotes, so double check all that.
@echo off echo Install CATIA 2016 silently - (x64 bit Windows) echo Based on the supported "Distributing the Software in Compressed Form" method. REM Install CATIA and all Service packs on a clean PC and then zip them up. REM - Ed Hammond 9.28.2016 Skills Inc. REM - Copy this file to the local PC and run as Administrator REM Set the variable for the UNC location on the server where the CATIA installers are stored  set CATIAINSTALLERS=\\MYSERVER\FILE SHARE\CATIA\CATIA R2016 REM --------------------------- REM -- Install Catia Base REM start "" /wait "%CATIAINSTALLERS%\CATIA R2016\V5-6R2016.CATIA_P3.win_b64.1-1\CATIA_P3.win_b64\1\WIN64\startb.exe" -newdir -noreboot -all  REM --------------------------- REM -- Install VBA REM msiexec /q /i "%CATIAINSTALLERS%\CATIA R2016\V5-6R2016.CATIA_P3.win_b64…

Troubleshooting SQL Server log file size with AlwaysOn - Shrinking the logs

The SQL Server logs filled up my hard drive and the database stopped working! Crap!

So some backups were missed and now the log file has filled up the disk. Here is how to shrink the logs.
It's panic time, so lets get some triage done.  
Is this on a Virtual Machine? 
Can you expand the disk size to get your database running again while you figure out the rest?  You might need to go that route if everything has ground to a halt.

Backup the database and logs, shrink the log file

If you don't have your backup priority set for the primary replica/server, do that first.

1. Backup the database on the primary server
2. Backup the transaction logs on the primary.  This will truncate the logs on the primary and all secondary servers
3. Right click on the database to go "Tasks" -> "Shrink" -> "Files"
4. From the "File Type" menu, select "Log" and press OK
Only shrink the logs, you can't shrink the database while your connected to a Alway…
If your looking to put Windows 10 IoT on your HP thin clients, here are my tips on doing that.

I picked up some used HP T620 thin clients that had WES7 on them and I wanted to bump them to Win10 after it was released.  The ones that I'm using have a 16GB mSATA SSD drives and 4GB of memory.  I had to wait awhile for HP to get the 10 image out, but now you can install the HP Recovery Image Download Tool (ThinUpdate) 64-bit and that will help you build a USB stick with the Win10 IoT installer on it.

Be sure to get the free management software too:  HP Device Manager!&pd4=1

If your like me, you don't have the Win10 COA in the BIOS to activate this image, so it wants to block the install because the OS/BIOS check fails. Here is the work around:

Find this file on the flash drive: (Where your Flash drive is dr…

SCVMM 2012 R2: There are currently no network adapters with network optimization available on host xxxx

Every time I stand up a new Hyper-V server I run into this message:
There are currently no network adapters with network optimization available on host xxxx.
Here are some of the things that I do to fix it.

Install the latest drivers from the Manufacturer's support site.  OpenManage from Dell didn't install the latest Broadcom drivers for some reason and I still had to download and install them. Check the Version and driver date on the driver after to make sure it actually updated. In March 2015, Broadcom published driver version 17.0 for download that fixes problems with VMQ.
Apply latest BIOS and firmware updates to all host components. Set the Management network to the top of the binding order. Configure SMB live migration if bandwidth is greater than 10gbps.
Network Connections, Press Alt to get the menu, Advanced, Advanced settings
Check your driver settings.  You want to make sure that the drivers for the NIC that will be used for Live Migration have been optimized for that.

Do y…

Windows 10 osd capture fails with "windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware"

I'm trying to build a thick image for SCCM OSD with Windows 10 Enterprise x64.
I have tried two images so far, one with Win10 LTSB and one with build 1511.
Both have ended with a Hyper-V VM that will not run after the capture (I used an ISO of the capture media from SCCM 2012 R2 1511).
I get this error after the "Getting Devices Ready" section:
"Windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware."
I found that if I run Sysprep (no SCCM capture) that it also fails.
I'm running OOBE and Generalize.

SOLUTION:  Don't connect to the domain while building the image and also be sure to delete all accounts and run as the local administrator.

Note: Our ERP system is complicated to install, so doing an automated build is not possible, so comments about me not using MDT or a Task Sequence do not apply.

I have the following installed:
All the Windows 10 & Office 2016 updates up to 2/18/2016.
Office 2016 Pro
Adobe Acrobat DC Reader
My ER…