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How to Bridge a Clear (Clearwire) WiMax Modem to work with an Enterprise Firewall and a static IP

Guess what, you can’t.  Return the modem and cancel your service.
Ok, to be honest, you can get it to work with a firewall without going into a Bridged mode, but forget using VPN, and for most people that is the entire point of having a firewall that can be bridged.
I have a Watchguard Firebox that can take a DHCP address from the Clear Series G modem, but I couldn’t get remote management to work or site to site VPN tunnels.
I spent almost 3 weeks screwing around with this and got NOWHERE!  Every time you need to change anything it takes 2-4 days.  Need a static IP? 2-4 days.  Need to replace a dead modem, 2-4 days.  There is no way I can keep a business running if I have to wait 4 days every time there is a problem or a change!
First they sent me a home modem with no support for bridging, then I read on the forums that you could get a USB “Mobile” device and then plug that into a CradlePoint router (I paid $150 for the CBR400 on ebay)
I wish that the devices that Clear sold were as wel…