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Reversing or disabling Contained Databases in Microsoft SQL Server 2012

I'm no SQL MVP, so I'm not here to tell you the correct way to recover from a failed attempt at enabling SQL Server Contained Databases, but I will tell you about what I experienced.

I started by looking for a way to use this with AlwaysOn and my Infor Visual Manufacturing database on SQL 2012 Enterprise Edition (Required for AlwaysOn) so that my users would show up in the secondary database servers without having to copy their profiles from server to server using tools that export the Hash and SID, like sp_help_revlogin (Look into this! It works great and is a safer alternative).

Turns out that this was a bad idea.  I tested it in a lab and it worked fine, but I didn't test every function and I found that Info Visual Manufacturing ERP has a collation error in the Audit Maintenance window.  This was the error:

Android Play Store Privacy Statement

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Ebates - Who doesn't like cash?

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Solved: Moving Users to a SQL Contained database stops with an error

I decided to convert my ERP Database to a Contained Database so that I could have the logins move between servers with AlwaysOn on Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
SQL wouldn't let me convert the database while in use, so I had to make the change at night.

This is the script I used for migrating all the user accounts from the server to the DB:

DECLARE @username sysname;

DECLARE user_cursor CURSOR



FROMsys.database_principalsAS dp

JOINsys.server_principalsAS sp