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Don't get the iPhone 4s, there are better phones

I just got my first iPhone, what a disapointment.
It was my first iPhone since I am loyal to Sprint and my unlimited data plan.
I'm ready to return it after one day.
Even after the IOS5 upgrade the OS feels old and dated, it still looks the same as it does on my kids's generation 2 ipod touch. Was this boxy phone the best they could come up with.
My HTC Evo 4G had a huge screen compaired to this and it's 2 years old!
Yes, Siri is cool, but you will need it since you can't read anything on this little screen!
I like how readable my email is on Andriod and when I zoom in on my email the text doesn't wrap, and that just sucks.
I read that the Galaxy 2S has a 4.5" screen and a better camera.  I should have got that.

Sharepoint 2010 - Email alert failure

So they say, always check the simple things first before you tear everything else apart.

Well, I forgot that rule and was going nuts trying to figure out why my Sharepoint 2010 alerts were no longer working after I upgraded from Sharepoint 2007.
When I created the alerts, I was getting the confirmation email, but the alerts were not working.
 I have two servers, a SQL server and a web front end. My SQL server has reporting services installed but not integrated with sharepoint since that was giving me problems (more on that in the future).
I double and triple checked the timer jobs on the two servers that I had and everything looked fine.  I ran all the scripts in Powershell to make sure that the hostname of my sharepoint web front end was changed on the migrated alerts, and I found that even new alerts didn't work.

Turn out my problem was that Exchange was set to allow SMTP from my web front end, but not the SQL server. During installation, the installer told me I needed to in…