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Infor Visual Enterprise Macros

Here are some macro information for Visual Enterprise.
Macros are basically vbscript and you can get more help from the Infor website.

Here are three examples that we use all the time.

This one takes the packlist from the shipping window and sends it to Microsoft SQL reporting services to create a report in PDF format.
Filename: VMSHPENT_Print Cert.vms

Dim ie,ss
sub pause(secs)
start = now
secs = cint(secs)
while datediff("s",start,now) < secs: wend
end sub

set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

ie.Navigate "http://sharepoint/reportserver?%2fVisual+Enterprise+Shop+Reports%2fSkills+Cert+for+Laser+Printers&rs:Command=Render&rs:Format=PDF&PACKLIST=" & PACKLIST_ID

ie.Height = 50
ie.Width = 500
ie.Visible = false
pause 4
Set ss = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
ss.AppActivate "File Download"
ss.sendkeys "%o"

I'm sorry if this blog chops some of this into more than one line.
Make sure the ie.…