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Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 Previews

Here are some places you should be able to find the Preview downloads of 
Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2

Windows 8 Home users can upgrade here
MSDN (If you have a subscription) Has the Server 2012 R2 ISO now and should have Windows 8.1 sometime after 9am on June 26, 2013.
The Windows Enterprise Website The Windows 8.1 Launch page
Enterprise ISO Download Link
Make sure you watch the Keynote from Build 2013!

Windows Connect
Should you want to give Microsoft feedback on your testing, you can sign up at Connect, but I don't think they are taking 8.1 testers right now.

Windows Store
You wi…

Rubble PC Timer for kids

Do your kids spend too much time on the computer?
What you need is a timer that will shutdown the PC after a set amount of time.

I have tried every PC timer I could find and my son was able to bypass every one of them, so I wrote my own, Rubble PC Timer.  My son has been unable to bypass my timer because the uninstall for Rubble PC Timer has been disabled and there are no running processes that they can end from the task manager.

In order to protect the application from being hacked by your child I limit how much information that I can publish on this page.  More details will be included with the software after the purchase.

The price for my software is only $5.00 and you may use it on as many PCs in your home as you want.
I can't give this out for free or give out trial copies because this would make it to easy for kids to figure out how to bypass it.

By default the software will shutdown the PC 2 hours after the child logs into the PC on weekdays, and 6 hours on Friday-Sunday.  …