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1815dn x86 drivers on Server 2008 x64

I am very experienced in installing print servers, so I know what I'm doing, but this has me stumped.I can't get my 1815dn print queues to work. All my other printers work, so I'm sure its a driver issue. In the past I have had problems with 1815dn Vista drivers too, so I'm not to optimistic.

Here is the breakdown:

I downloaded the x86 and x64 drivers for Server 2008 from the Dell support website, I installed them on server 2008 x64 (This server is a DC). The drivers say they are good for 2K,Xp,Vista, and the servers.I installed the x64 drivers first using the wizard and then the x86 drivers after that using the Print Management Console (New for Server 2008).I made sure that the drivers had the same name and version.

When I try to install the printers on Vista x32, everything looks fine, but the test pages get deleted with an error.On the server the error in the Event Viewer is this:

The document Test Page owned by ed failed to print on printer .
Data type: NT EMF 1.008. …