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iPad Conference Room Meeting Scheduler/Wall Board

I wanted to use an iPad outside of my conference rooms to show if the room was Vacant or Occupied along with the day’s schedule and also the ability to book a quick meeting right from the iPad.
I had to change my Meeting Rooms from Room Resources to Users before I could attach them to the iPads. Here are my reviews and what I had to do in order to make all this work.

Evaluation of the Applications
I evaluated the following iPad apps.
Meeting Room by Visual Jazz Isobar Pty Ltd
Book a Room by Effektfabriken
Event Board Pro by Ender Labs
Pronestor Display from Pronestor
Here are my evaluations of these applications in order of ranking:

Meeting Room
This is the application we choose. It has a nice interface and with a onetime purchase price of $8.99, you can beat the price.
It links to whatever is showing on the ipad’s calendar. Clicking on the clock shows you 3 days of upcoming meetings. When the room is open you can book 15,30, and 60 minute blocks.…