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Inter-tel Voice Over IP Phones

I got a used Inter-tel IP phone off ebay that wouldn't let me program it using the 7/8 key combination.

I was able to telnet into the IP phone with the default password of iptpassw and use the command DBMN to tell it the IP settings.
After that it still couldn’t connect because the firmware was not compatible with the v9 IPRC. The phone was at v1.01 and needed 8.1.0.

I looked in the manual and found out that I need to flash the latest 8.1.0 firmware and it should be called ipp+.hex
My v. disc has lots of firmware, but not that one. I did find it on the v9.0.0.1 disc.
I held down the 5 and 6 to get the 770.4500 into download mode.
It assigned itself an address of
I started the Upload utility and entered the IP address of along with the default account (IPT) and password (iptpassw).
I changed my PC IP address to so I could connect to the IP phone.
I started the upload and everything worked!

It looks like everyone was correct a…