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SanDisk DAS Cache for Dell R730xd with SSDs

I got a quote from Dell for SanDisk DAS Cache today.
$399 for the license with 3 years of Maintenance. Not bad!
The DAS Cache allow you to use SSDs for Cache for your SAS or SATA drives.
It's kind of like the hybrid Flash storage I have on my Nimble SAN.

I didn't buy it with my Dell Poweredge R730xd, because I was moving two Fusion-io iodrive2 PCIe SSD cards from another server.  I think it's an option if you include SSDs in your cart.
Dell says that PCIe SSDs are only supported on the R730xd and not the R730 for some reason.
Once you get the license, they give you a login to the download server, then you download the software.  If you have the login you can also use the link on the drivers page.
This is the Sandisk download server:

From what I read I will need to format my iodrive2 SSDs to 512B block size.
When I checked them, they had already been formated from the f…