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Panasonic FP-D250 Copier and DD Browser

We have a Panasonic FP-D250 copier and it can scan documents.
There are two options to get the scanned file.
One is by writing it to the attached Zip drive.
The other option is using the DD Browser to pull the files off the hard drive.
I have found that in order to install the DD Browser on Windows XP that you have to install some imaging software that was only found on Win98.
If you need any of this software contact me and I'll email it to you.

I'm having an odd problem today. My PC and that of another user is now giving us errors when we try to contact the main unit.
I cannot find reference to this anywhere.
I have another user who can still use DD Browser just fine. Very odd.

Here is all the software and drivers that I have:

Microsoft Software Assurance Fulfillment Media

To order Microsoft Software Assurance Fulfillment Media use these contacts:

Microsoft Licensing Fulfillment (MLF)
(800) 248-0655
(800) 554-8281 (fax)

There is no online way that I can find to order upgrade CDs from Microsoft.
I use eOpen and there is no link from there to order media like there is for the Select licensing program. (Why not?)

You can order Volume license Media for $27/per CD.
You will need your Authorization Number.
They are usually shipped next day air via DHL.

Do not use for hosting

I moved two domains to to setup hosting. One failed to work from day one, they moved it to a new server after doing nothing for 4 or 5 days. Then about 2 weeks later the site went down again along with another one of my domains. After 7 days both sites were still down. I moved the sites to and requested a cancel. They cancelled my domains and "said" that there would be a refund. It's been 13 days and I still do not have my money back.

These people are crooks and idiots. Do not do hosting buisness with them.

The domain and DNS managment that I have had with them for years has been fine, just the hosting is screwed.

In the end it took me over 2 months and 6 ticket updates to get my refund!

An SMS Site Boundary Question on SMS 2003

From: Jack

Hi Ed, I was reading your instructions on SMS. Very good.
Anyway, I noticed you mention this: To set the boundary, we will need to find out what the SMS site name is first. Open up AD Sites and Services and see what your site is called. Mine is called "SMS-Lab-Site".
When I installed SMS, It does not appear that it created this. Is there a way I can manually create it or to make SMS create it? This may be part of my problem why it is not pushing out to the 98 machines.

Thanks, Jack

Hi Jack,

The site is what you create when you first install active directory.
AD Sites and Services is found under administrative tools in the control panel if you have the active directory admin tools installed.
I don’t remember what the default site name is, something like Site1 or "Default-First-Site-Name" according to some MS sites.
If you have only one subnet, then you will have only one site name.
I have two subnets at my office. I named them after the…

Sonic Updater does not work on my Dell

I was watching my firewall logs one morning and I kept seeing this message:
Error while sending/rec

After some research I found that "StorageGuard" was part of sgtray.exe that Sonic was using to check for updates with it's Update Manager that was installed in the run area of the registry on all the new Dell 2400 PCs I purchased in 2004.

I removed that run key from the registry.
I don't know why sonic would issue an update program that used an IP address instead of a host name. Very stupid. Now that the IP address is a dead end, all those copies of Sonic cannot update themselves.

Sharepoint 2003 Backup with SSL Enabled

I configured SSL for my Sharepoint 2003 site so that I could access it from the Internet.
Read more about that here

After I set that up I found that my Sharepoint 2003 backup script was failing.
Here is the error:
The server instance specified was not found. Please specify the server's address and port.

The example I got from Microsoft included this as the path: http://localhost and that does not seem to work once you add SSL.

This is the batch file I use to backup my Sharepoint site:

@echo off
echo +++++++++++++++++
echo Backup of all sites on the SharePoint 2003 Server echo Written by Ed Hammond
echo +++++++++++++++++
c: cd \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\60\BIN stsadm.exe -o backup -url http://localhost -filename D:\SharePoint_backup.dat -overwrite
echo Backup completed

Now just replace localhost with the IP address of your sharepoint server and you'll be set.