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System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 Server Ports (VMM)

System Center Virtual Machine Manager Server Ports (SCVMM)

Factory Defaults:

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connection type Protocol Default port ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VMM server to managed computers (used for performing actions) WinRM 80 VMM server to managed computers (used for data transfers) BITS 443 VMM Administrator Console to the VMM server WCF 8100 VMM Self-Service Portal to the VMM server WCF 8100 Self-Service users to the VMM Self-Service Portal HTTP 80 Communication with Agents 5985 Communication with WDS 8102 Communication with WinPE 8101 Communication with WinPE for Time Sync 8103

Solving WinRM Host connection errors in SCVMM - System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2

I had a few Hyper-V 2012 R2 hosts that didn't want to talk to my VMM 2012 R2 server, so I started down the long road of tracking down the problems.  Sorry if some of this seems disjointed or out of order.  I'm trying to document this all after a week of troubleshooting errors.

Here is my advice for tracking down the problems. Most are related to WinRM.

Step 1: Check the Health status of the Host
To check the Health status of a host, perform the following steps:
1. Open the VMM Console.
2. Select the Fabric view, right-click the host that’s experiencing issues and chose properties. 3. Within the host properties, select Status. 4. Select the category that has the Red exclamation to view the error details.
In my case, the third category down was WinRM that was giving me an error.

Lets start with the easy stuff.
Make sure WMI is working...
net start winmgmt
If you think the WMI repository is corrupted, you could try this:
winmgmt /salvagerepository
There is more detail on fixing WMI here: