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Building my Cryptocurrency Mining Rig for DogeCoin and PopCoin

Note: The part images shown below are hyperlinked to examples on Amazon, ebay, etc. Click on the image to see the item.My first mining rig
I decided to think outside the box and try to use some retired servers from work (Free!).  I had a Rackable Solutions server from SGI that had dual Xeon CPUs, 16GB of memory and 4 PCI-E slots.  It was a great candidate because the case was small and easy to mount to the wall in my garage by bolting it to some wire shelving I already had installed.  The server uses an Intel S5000PSL server motherboard, so drivers were easy to get from the Intel website and it’s running windows 7 Pro x64 just fine.  The fans on the back of the server were easy to flip around so that they would blow air over the CPU and memory in the open case.  I got a refurbished Corsair AX850 power supply from Fry’s for $108 (Now sold out).  My garage is really cold right now, so all I needed for cooling was an AC case fan that I got from Global Industrial for $39.95

I used plumbers…