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Add your Office 2016 KMS Keys to your Volume Activation Server

It's that time again!  Time to add your Office 2016 KMS Keys to your Volume Activation Server!
Yes, I forgot how to do it too.. so here are my notes for doing it.

If you are missing the KMS keys from the MVLSC for office 2016 then you need to contact Microsoft at to get your MAK key converted to KMS.
If you want to call them, use this number: (866) 230-0560
Here is the format of my email to them:

------------  Start email Template  ------------
I need KMS keys generated for Office 2016 please.

Here is my Office 2016 with SA License agreement:
License ID: XXX
Parent Program: XXX
------------  End email Template  ------------

When you add your Office 2016 KMS keys it will cover everything office including Visio and Project.

When you get your KMS keys, then you are ready to download the update from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) that will allow you to activate the KMS on your Server.
Look for "Office Professional Plus 2016 Key Management Servi…