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WatchGuard Firebox Firewall Blocking eBay Javascript

Something changed the other day on ebay and my ability to add items to my watch list and click on the shipping tab stopped working.  At first I thought that IE was blocking javascript, but then i found that firefox was doing the same thing.
After a little digging in the source of the ebay page I found that the CSS was loading from 
I opened up my Firebox config file for my HTTP Proxy Rule and added * to the HTTP Proxy Exception list and everything started working again.

Don't get the iPhone 4s, there are better phones

I just got my first iPhone, what a disapointment.
It was my first iPhone since I am loyal to Sprint and my unlimited data plan.
I'm ready to return it after one day.
Even after the IOS5 upgrade the OS feels old and dated, it still looks the same as it does on my kids's generation 2 ipod touch. Was this boxy phone the best they could come up with.
My HTC Evo 4G had a huge screen compaired to this and it's 2 years old!
Yes, Siri is cool, but you will need it since you can't read anything on this little screen!
I like how readable my email is on Andriod and when I zoom in on my email the text doesn't wrap, and that just sucks.
I read that the Galaxy 2S has a 4.5" screen and a better camera.  I should have got that.

Sharepoint 2010 - Email alert failure

So they say, always check the simple things first before you tear everything else apart.

Well, I forgot that rule and was going nuts trying to figure out why my Sharepoint 2010 alerts were no longer working after I upgraded from Sharepoint 2007.
When I created the alerts, I was getting the confirmation email, but the alerts were not working.
 I have two servers, a SQL server and a web front end. My SQL server has reporting services installed but not integrated with sharepoint since that was giving me problems (more on that in the future).
I double and triple checked the timer jobs on the two servers that I had and everything looked fine.  I ran all the scripts in Powershell to make sure that the hostname of my sharepoint web front end was changed on the migrated alerts, and I found that even new alerts didn't work.

Turn out my problem was that Exchange was set to allow SMTP from my web front end, but not the SQL server. During installation, the installer told me I needed to in…

How to Bridge a Clear (Clearwire) WiMax Modem to work with an Enterprise Firewall and a static IP

Guess what, you can’t.  Return the modem and cancel your service.
Ok, to be honest, you can get it to work with a firewall without going into a Bridged mode, but forget using VPN, and for most people that is the entire point of having a firewall that can be bridged.
I have a Watchguard Firebox that can take a DHCP address from the Clear Series G modem, but I couldn’t get remote management to work or site to site VPN tunnels.
I spent almost 3 weeks screwing around with this and got NOWHERE!  Every time you need to change anything it takes 2-4 days.  Need a static IP? 2-4 days.  Need to replace a dead modem, 2-4 days.  There is no way I can keep a business running if I have to wait 4 days every time there is a problem or a change!
First they sent me a home modem with no support for bridging, then I read on the forums that you could get a USB “Mobile” device and then plug that into a CradlePoint router (I paid $150 for the CBR400 on ebay)
I wish that the devices that Clear sold were as wel…

Beer Goggles App Released

I just finished my 2nd Android app called Beer Goggles.
Here is the description:
So your sitting in the bar and you see a hot babe from across the room but you don't know what she will look like in the morning.
Select your level of intoxication, take her picture with the Beer Goggles app, and then convert her picture using the analyze button.
Now you can see what she will look like in the morning!

Here is the app:
View App Here

If you have sugestions for future updates, including funny photos, please send me a comment. Thanks!

Auto Text Message - Android App

I just finished creating my first Android app.
It's called Auto Text message.
I wanted a way for my wife to send me a "I'm on my way" text every day when she left work to pick me up so we could carpool home.
In future updates I'm going to work on a shortcut or widget for the contact.
I might also change it to allow 2 or 3 preset messages with contacts.
See the App here

I use this with my HTC Evo 4G that I love.

Patch Tuesday January 11, 2011 causes BSOD on Windows 7

I found that all my Dell Vostro 220 and Vostro 230 desktops would get the blue screen of death when KB2454826 was installed, so I went to windows update and installed the chipset and video drivers that were available to update and then deselected KB2454826 so it would not install with the drivers.

I installed the driver updates, rebooted and then installed KB2454826 by itself and it worked!

If you get the BSOD, just press F8 right after the Dell logo goes off the screen to get into the Safe Mode menu and then choose "Safe Mode".
At that point safe mode sees the failed update and backs it out for you.
You will still need to resolve the conflict or it will just BSOD again the next day when the update installs again.

** A few hours later after the original post **
During my updates last night I found that updating Vostro 230 mini-towers would still BSOD even after I updated the drivers.
Uninstalling Symantec Antivirus 10 (SAV) before installing KB2454826 seems to be the sol…