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K’s Fruit Beverages History

K’s Fruit Beverages was a beverage company based in Los Angeles, CA that bottled and distributed soft drinks and non-carbonated beverages from 1941 until 1952.
History Kay’s Beverages started in 1941 bottling natural fruit drinks. In 1946 Charles “Edwin” Hammond purchased Kay's from the original founders and hired 4 or 5 drivers including his wife Leona and his brother-in-law Charles to deliver the drinks to stores and bars in the Los Angeles area. Kay's Beverages was also sold under the name K's Beverages. Most of what was sold under the K's Beverages label was natural fruit juices like Pineapple Ade, Grapefruit, Tomato, Orange and Grape. Bum's Root Beer and Indian Root Beer were also sold by Kay’s Beverages. Indian Root Bear had a Chief with a full war bonnet on the bottle and Bum’s root beer had a yellow bum with a cigar. Kay's product line was sold off in the early 50's to the Clicquot Club Company when the Korean war caused the price of glass and sugar …