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Panasonic FP-D250 Copier and DD Browser

We have a Panasonic FP-D250 copier and it can scan documents.
There are two options to get the scanned file.
One is by writing it to the attached Zip drive.
The other option is using the DD Browser to pull the files off the hard drive.
I have found that in order to install the DD Browser on Windows XP that you have to install some imaging software that was only found on Win98.
If you need any of this software contact me and I'll email it to you.

I'm having an odd problem today. My PC and that of another user is now giving us errors when we try to contact the main unit.
I cannot find reference to this anywhere.
I have another user who can still use DD Browser just fine. Very odd.

Here is all the software and drivers that I have: