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Infor Visual Enterprise Macros

Here are some macro information for Visual Enterprise.
Macros are basically vbscript and you can get more help from the Infor website.

Here are three examples that we use all the time.

This one takes the packlist from the shipping window and sends it to Microsoft SQL reporting services to create a report in PDF format.
Filename: VMSHPENT_Print Cert.vms

Dim ie,ss
sub pause(secs)
start = now
secs = cint(secs)
while datediff("s",start,now) < secs: wend
end sub

set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

ie.Navigate "http://sharepoint/reportserver?%2fVisual+Enterprise+Shop+Reports%2fSkills+Cert+for+Laser+Printers&rs:Command=Render&rs:Format=PDF&PACKLIST=" & PACKLIST_ID

ie.Height = 50
ie.Width = 500
ie.Visible = false
pause 4
Set ss = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
ss.AppActivate "File Download"
ss.sendkeys "%o"

I'm sorry if this blog chops some of this into more than one line.
Make sure the ie.…

Building WinPE with Windows 7 AIK

I was having problems getting the new AIK for Win7 working,
there were a few bugs to work around, so I have documented my process here, with
all my notes.
To create a WinPE CD for Windows 7 follow these
directions. This is for an x86 version.

Start by creating a place to store some scripts and config files called c:\WinPE-tools

mkdir c:\WinPE-tools

Copy and paste this into a file called c:\WinPE-tools\startnet.cmd

@Echo OFF

wpeutil InitializeNetwork

ping localhost

net use z: <server share> <password> /user:<domain\user-id>




Copy and paste this into a file called c:\WinPE-tools\wimscript.ini





"System Volume Information"








Now, let's create your WinPE image:

Open the Deployment Tools Command Prompt.

copype.cmd x86 c:\winpe_x86

You should be at c:\winpe_x86 when it completes.

Mount the image.

DISM.exe /Mount-Wim /WimFile:C:\winpe_x86\winpe.…

3CX VoIP System

I have been testing out the 3CX VoIP system for windows over the last 2 weeks.
I would have to say that I like it very much.
I tried out Asterisk, but there were just to many risks with that and lots of reading to do.

I like that so many things are already configured and all you have to do is run a wizard.
I also like that it runs on Windows and that I don't have to mess with Linux.
I am a former SGI IRIX administrator, but it's been years and I have forgot most of that.

I took me 2 days, but I figured out how to make my inter-tel 8622 VoIP phone work with 3CX in SIP mode. (I posted my work on the forum at 3CX)
It's kind of limited, so I might still sell the 8622 on ebay and just get a Polycom Soundstream IP 330. That phone looks the best to me for the job. Price is around $119 and it has two ports so that I don't need a switch at every desk.

Interfacing the 3CX with Exchange 2007 UM was easy! I had it done in about 15 minutes.
The only step they left out was creating a SMT…

1815dn x86 drivers on Server 2008 x64

I am very experienced in installing print servers, so I know what I'm doing, but this has me stumped.I can't get my 1815dn print queues to work. All my other printers work, so I'm sure its a driver issue. In the past I have had problems with 1815dn Vista drivers too, so I'm not to optimistic.

Here is the breakdown:

I downloaded the x86 and x64 drivers for Server 2008 from the Dell support website, I installed them on server 2008 x64 (This server is a DC). The drivers say they are good for 2K,Xp,Vista, and the servers.I installed the x64 drivers first using the wizard and then the x86 drivers after that using the Print Management Console (New for Server 2008).I made sure that the drivers had the same name and version.

When I try to install the printers on Vista x32, everything looks fine, but the test pages get deleted with an error.On the server the error in the Event Viewer is this:

The document Test Page owned by ed failed to print on printer .
Data type: NT EMF 1.008. …

Where is Eugene Arenett from Oak Harbor?

I'm posting this on my blog so that google might index it and hopefully someone will know where Eugene B Arnett is.
Eugene was my buddy at Oak Harbor High School (OHHS class of 1988) and my roomate after High School. Later in 1989 or 1990 he joined the army and I never saw him again.
We all missed him at the 20yr class reunion in Oak Harbor, WA this last summer.
I worked with him and his brother Kevin at the NAS Whidbey McDonalds.
He also had an older brother named Chipper and the three of them lived with their mother in an apartment in Oak Harbor near Ennen's Foods.
Eugene was a tall skinny african american and I was his friend, Ed Hammond.
Where are you Eugene?

This is Eugene on the way back from Camp Moran summer camp when we were in 6th grade.
Eugene was born 8 January 1969

If you know Eugene, leave a comment!

Tweaking the Dell Mini 9

I got my wife a Dell Mini 9 on Valentine's Day and being a computer geek I was really interested in seeing how well this worked since it was a netbook.
I went to the Dell outlet site for $220 and got a model with Windows XP Home and a 8GB Solid State Drive (SSD).
After I got it I found out what a mistake that was. It left me with only 1GB free and after installing all the security updates, IE7, and Media Player 11, there was no disk space left! There was not even enough room to install Adobe Acrobat Reader!
My solution for this problem was to buy a 16GB SDHC card from for $24 and I put that in the SD slot and used it as my Drive D. I then proceeded to uninstall everything that I could and re-install the apps using the custom option to choose the D: drive for the installation location. This didn't work for everything. Office still installs some things on the c: drive and the Windows Live tools (Mail, Messenger, etc) do not let me choose where to install. I'm run…

Norton Antivirus blocking RDP and VPN

Someone just came to me with their new Vista notebook from Compaq and it wouldn't let them connect to VPN on Small Businesses server (ISA Server) or use remote desktop.Turns out it was Norton Antivirus that was doing the blocking.It was just a trial, so I un-installed it and everything worked again!