3CX VoIP System

I have been testing out the 3CX VoIP system for windows over the last 2 weeks.
I would have to say that I like it very much.
I tried out Asterisk, but there were just to many risks with that and lots of reading to do.

I like that so many things are already configured and all you have to do is run a wizard.
I also like that it runs on Windows and that I don't have to mess with Linux.
I am a former SGI IRIX administrator, but it's been years and I have forgot most of that.

I took me 2 days, but I figured out how to make my inter-tel 8622 VoIP phone work with 3CX in SIP mode. (I posted my work on the forum at 3CX)
It's kind of limited, so I might still sell the 8622 on ebay and just get a Polycom Soundstream IP 330. That phone looks the best to me for the job. Price is around $119 and it has two ports so that I don't need a switch at every desk.

Interfacing the 3CX with Exchange 2007 UM was easy! I had it done in about 15 minutes.
The only step they left out was creating a SMTP connector so that the UM features can send the Hub Transport (on the same server!) the voicemails and faxes. (Look in the Event viewer if you don't get your voicemails)

I'm going to double the memory in my Exchange Server from 8GB to 16GB since it's almost maxed (The 8GB) at 125 mailboxes and now I'm going to add UM to all that!

I have a PRI that runs over a T1 to my Inter-tel system and I'm wondering if I can replace that with a SIP VoIP trunk and skip the PRI and gatway. I have comcast with a 20MB connection. Anyone else try this? I need to find out what our real usage is. What if we only use 25% of that T1???


Anonymous said…
Hi ED,

I too am trying out the 3CX software with some Inter Tel 8622 IP phones I have at work. I used your notes on loggin into the phones using port 8080 and the password. I have worked to the point that they register on the 3CX server and the phones show ext numbers. But trying to have one phone call another it stops on the 3CX server with the Unidentified incoming call, and it then terminates the call. It cant figure out where on the 3CX to have my 2 phones be recognized as valid incoming sources to get to the next point where hopefully I hear a phone ring and talk.
I am not at the point yet to try SIP calls to the outside yet.
Appriciate your help.

Anonymous said…
I have 2 8622 phones I have registered but when I make a call I get unidentified source on the 3CX server. Any ideas?
Ed Hammond said…
Can you call soft phones from the Inter-tel phones? I'm only using one Inter-tel phone right now and I'm about ready to sell it because of it's limitations.
For example, it makes me use 8 for outgoing calls.
My dial plans were for extensions with 3 digits, are you using 3 or 4?
Ed Hammond said…
I forgot to add that the Inter-tel phones will only dial out if you change your system to use 8 for outgoing calls. It seems to be hard coded into the phones.

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