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Exporting CATIA Parts list tree with Adobe Acrobat

When I convert my CATIA drawings to Adobe Acrobat with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended I can then export the tree to a comma delimited file. This way I can easily read the flag notes. Here is a screen shot of the export:

Boeing MBD FTP Download Script

Here is my Boeing MBD Hubspan FTP Download Script. (vbscript)
Instead of downloading files from Hubspan with FTP, decrypting with PGP, and then unzipping the tar.gz and zip files all by hand, this script will do it all for you.  I have it added to a Scheduled task on a Windows server that runs at 6am and Noon.
Make sure you note the instructions in the header.

I have added newer versions of my Hubspan scripts here:

'Author: Ed Hammond
'Date: Nov 1, 2008
'Purpose: Search pickup.log file for new jobs to download, download them, decrypt with GPG, unzip with PowerArchiver.
'Usage: This script will parse the Boeing SNET pickup.log file and output today's files in pickup-out.txt.
'Requirments: Install PowerArchiver (or modify script for winzip) and GNU GPG. Add the path to both programs to your PATH system variable.
'Requirments: Don't forget to import your PGP keys and get…

Infopath Boeing MBD Log Form

Here is a snapshot of the log form I created from tracking Boeing MBD Data.
We use a website called to create our drawing from CATIA data, so the form includes information for tracking where our data is with them as well as Boeing.

In order to do what we are doing, you need to publish your infopath form to sharepoint and write the results to a SQL database.
We use SQL reporting services to generate status reports from the data.

Boeing MBD data administrator

Well, I'm now the Boeing MBD (Model Based Definition) data administrator for Skills Inc (in addition to being the Sr. System Admin).
I have been working for the last few months on our methods and I will be posting some useful information here to help others who need to take on this.
Background: MBD is Boeing's way of handing off drawing responsibilities to the suppliers to "save money". Yea. Right.

I have created a InfoPath form that we use to write our logs to a Microsoft SQL2005 database per the Boeing MBD requirements outlined in our DPD (Digital Product Definition) Quality Assurance Plan.

I also wrote a Vb script that will fetch our MBD CAD (CATIA) files from Boeing for us.
This is what it does:

1. The script connects to our Boeing SNET (tdi) account and pulls down via FTP the pickup.log file that shows all files that they have for us. This doesn't actually show the file name, so I just glean the beginning of the name from the log and use a wildcard for the rest wh…

My Infor Visual Manufacturing Server Config

I run my Visual on a "2008" Dell 2900 with 12GB of RAM and Dual Quad cores.
I'm running Server 2003 Enterprise x64.
RAID 1 for the system files on C:
RAID 1 for Visual MFG log files on d:
RAID 1 for Sharepoint log files on e:
RAID 5 for the data on f:
My database is almost 8GB now!
I run Visual, Sharepoint 3.0, and Reporting Services on this server with no problem.
I have around 50 concurrent users and 20 barcode stations.
My remote sites connect using Terminal services and thin clients over our WAN.

Update! - Make sure you have a RAID 1 for your TEMPDB databases and you need one TEMPDB file for every 4 cores you have in your CPUs. (So dual Quad Cores would need 2 TempDB files)

My History with Infor Visual Manufacturing

This is in response to an email I got asking me about how my upgrades went and if I used new hardware.
When we did our big upgrade to 6.3.8, we moved the database to new hardware and then did the upgrade.
We also had a consultant do the conversion because we moved from Oracle to SQL server.
The conversion went fine. I move copies of the database to my test server all the time. Moving the databases around is no problem since there is no software tied to it directly on the DB server.
I use Microsoft DFS that comes with Server 2003 R2 and beyond to create DFS shares for my visual files. That way I can move servers around and it will not ever break Visual on the desktop.
So my Visual binary files are always loaded from v:\ and the custom reports from o:\.
I also have 3 sites with a WAN, so I use thin clients at the remote sites and a terminal server here connected to my DB server with a Gigabit line. It works great. Much better than running over the wan with just the …

ISS and OWA Damaged on Exchange 2007 Server

I had a really nasty crash on my Exchange 2007 server the other day.
Here is the Technet "Disaster Recovery Procedures" to help you fix a crash:

I was able to use the recovery tools to fix the databases, but OWA and IIS were toast.
You can recover your database with Eseutil /R (Recovery Mode).
See help here:

One of my first issues was to repair WMI. That worked fine, but then IIS was still damaged.
Here is a batch script that i found that fixes that:

net stop winmgmt
cd %windir%\system32\wbem
rd /S /Q
regsvr32 /s %systemroot%\system32\scecli.dll
regsvr32 /s
mofcomp cimwin32.mof
mofcomp rsop.mof
mofcomp rsop.mfl
for /f %%s in (’dir /b
/s *.dll’) do regsvr32 /s %%s
for /f %%s in (’dir /b *.mof’) do mofcomp
for /f %%s in (’dir /b *.mfl’) do mofcomp %%s
-n:root\cimv2\applications\exchange wbemc…

Outlook 2007 SP1 will not work with a new user. Reading pane is blank and outlook locks up.

Outlook 2007 SP1 will not work with a new user. Reading pane is blank and outlook locks up.

When you open Outlook for a new user, it hides the dialog box to enter your initials (this only affects new users), so just open up Word, or Excel, and enter in the person's initials in that dialog box that you get there. Now Outlook should work. If the reading pane will still not display, just close Outlook (you'll probably have to kill the process in task manager) and re-open.

Vista Sp1

I just got a New Gateway FX530 at home and it came with Vista Home Ultimate.
I would have taken XP if given a choice. :)
I just installed SP1. I had some problems with the upgrade and also after because I was using the free version of Bit Defender 10.
I unistall that and installed Symantec Corp 10.2 and now things have become much more stable.
On our test Vista machines at work we have had nothing but problems.
We have had odd Printing problems, like loosing the ability to choose a default printer.
Hopefully the SP1 that I downloaded from Technet will fix all that.
There are some Photo and Video tools that are nice in Vista, but I still like XP better.
This new FX530 handles it fairly well, but it's a powerhouse. Core2Duo, 2GB RAM, monster video card.