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Bitcoin Mining with

Bitcoin Mining in the Cloud
Day One: On 12/4/2013 I went to to try out ASIC Cloud Mining.
I purchased the Silver Plan for $275.95 USD to get 4 Gigahash/s for one year.
Cloud Mining is where you buy a chunk of ASIC processing power for one year for one price and cross your fingers and hope that the cost of Bitcoin goes up enough and difficulty stays low enough for you to make a profit.

Cloud Mining Claim vs. ASIC Hardware Purchase
I wanted to test the waters without dumping in a lot of money and the best way to do that was to buy a Bitcoin Mining Claim on
Before I did that I looked at 3 different ways to make money with Bitcoin.

1. Buy Bitcoin and see if they go up (Speculate) I'm used to buy 0.1 BTC just so I can say that I have some Bitcoin. Total investment: $110.00 USD.

2. Buy a mining rig and see if you can mine your own Bitcoin.  I think that the days of easy mining are gone.  It's hard to say if you can make your money b…

3CX Drops support for Polycom and Grandstream

It looks like as of Version 12, Service Pack 3, that 3CX has dropped support for Polycom and Grandstream phones.
The phones no longer show up in the Phones area as Provisioned making it impossible to reboot or provision them from the console.

A discussion about this can be found on the 3CX forum here:

This article ... hallenges/ contains reasons why 3CX doesn't want to support Polycom phones anymore.

Time to find a new PBX or is this just a bug?
Tell me what you think in the comments.

Our 3CX Background:
Skills Inc has 250 Polycom SoundPoint phones connection to a 3CX PBX.
The phones all connect to one Hyper-V Virtual server over a Fiber Optic WAN from 3 locations.  We have a Comcast PRI that connects to a Patton Gateway for our main trunk.  We use Grandstream FXO GXW4104 gateways to connect analog lines to the 3CX at each location for 911 calls.