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Beer Goggles App Released

I just finished my 2nd Android app called Beer Goggles.
Here is the description:
So your sitting in the bar and you see a hot babe from across the room but you don't know what she will look like in the morning.
Select your level of intoxication, take her picture with the Beer Goggles app, and then convert her picture using the analyze button.
Now you can see what she will look like in the morning!

Here is the app:
View App Here

If you have sugestions for future updates, including funny photos, please send me a comment. Thanks!

Auto Text Message - Android App

I just finished creating my first Android app.
It's called Auto Text message.
I wanted a way for my wife to send me a "I'm on my way" text every day when she left work to pick me up so we could carpool home.
In future updates I'm going to work on a shortcut or widget for the contact.
I might also change it to allow 2 or 3 preset messages with contacts.
See the App here

I use this with my HTC Evo 4G that I love.