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Vista Sp1

I just got a New Gateway FX530 at home and it came with Vista Home Ultimate.
I would have taken XP if given a choice. :)
I just installed SP1. I had some problems with the upgrade and also after because I was using the free version of Bit Defender 10.
I unistall that and installed Symantec Corp 10.2 and now things have become much more stable.
On our test Vista machines at work we have had nothing but problems.
We have had odd Printing problems, like loosing the ability to choose a default printer.
Hopefully the SP1 that I downloaded from Technet will fix all that.
There are some Photo and Video tools that are nice in Vista, but I still like XP better.
This new FX530 handles it fairly well, but it's a powerhouse. Core2Duo, 2GB RAM, monster video card.