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Installing SLQ 2000 Reporting Services after XP SP2 will kill your PC!

I just found out that the SQL 2000 Reporting Services support files overwrite some critical files that XP Sp2 updated.
It replaced two system32 files dated 8/4/2004 with older ones dated 10/8/2003 and hosed my system.
After I rebooted it went into a loop of almost getting to the login screen, but then rebooting the machine. Crash!
READ: Unbootable.So if you install XP SP2 before RS, make sure you backup these files before you run the RS setup replace the files BEFORE a reboot.
I ran the install followed by RS Sp1 and then replaced the files and everything was fine.These are the files from the system32 directory:

All of this is on my workstation. If you install XP SP2 after RS you would be fine of course.. that is unless later you pop in the CD to install the test database!

I had to kill MSDTC in the process list before it would let me replace msvcp60.dll.

Unattended Removal of the Oracle 8i Client

This week I'm working on the removal of the Oracle 8i Client, but found that something was locking core40.dll so that I could not delete the ORANT folder.
I went to and got listdlls.exe to help track down what was locking that dll.
Turns out it was SMS 2003.
I repackaged the uninstall of the Oracle Client. This cleaned up the registry, but I had to do some work before I could delete the files from c:\ORANT.
After the package deleted all the reg keys I ran a batch file that used listdlls.exe to find the PID (process) that was holding core40.dll. Then I had SMS stop the service for CcmExec.exe and kill it's parent process svchost.exe. Then I was able to delete the ORANT folder.

Unattended Installation of Microsoft Fax Services

Today I setup a Fax Server on Microsoft Server 2003 and need to create a SMS 2003 package to setup all the XP workstations to install Fax Services and then install the network fax printer.

My examples can be downloaded here:

My first problem was to change the install path for XP so that when the fax services installed that it would not request that the user install the XP CD into the CD-ROM. I added UNC path to a share where I have the XP SP2 i386 files into the registry to fix that problem. Here is the location of that key:

New Value=\\data\msi\xp
Value Name=SourcePath

Then I created an SMS Package (the SMS installer script is included in the above zip file) that started the Fax Services installer and then installed the network printer after that. Here are the details:

This installs the Fax Services.
SYSOCMGR.EXE /i:%windir%\inf\sysoc.inf /u:%temp%\install-fax.txt

Make sure …