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Silent upgrade batch file for CATIA V5-6R2016

Here is my silent upgrade batch file for CATIA V5-6R2016 This blog is going to wrap some lines and sometimes screw up the quotes, so double check all that.
@echo off echo Install CATIA 2016 silently - (x64 bit Windows) echo Based on the supported "Distributing the Software in Compressed Form" method. REM Install CATIA and all Service packs on a clean PC and then zip them up. REM - Ed Hammond 9.28.2016 Skills Inc. REM - Copy this file to the local PC and run as Administrator REM Set the variable for the UNC location on the server where the CATIA installers are stored  set CATIAINSTALLERS=\\MYSERVER\FILE SHARE\CATIA\CATIA R2016 REM --------------------------- REM -- Install Catia Base REM start "" /wait "%CATIAINSTALLERS%\CATIA R2016\V5-6R2016.CATIA_P3.win_b64.1-1\CATIA_P3.win_b64\1\WIN64\startb.exe" -newdir -noreboot -all  REM --------------------------- REM -- Install VBA REM msiexec /q /i "%CATIAINSTALLERS%\CATIA R2016\V5-6R2016.CATIA_P3.win_b64…