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TELA (Technology Executive Leadership Academy )

I just finished a TELA (Technology Executive Leadership Academy ) Refresher day in Bellevue,  WA on May 14, 2013.
The Technology Executive Leadership Academy (TELA) is targeted to directors and managers you want to groom for executive IT leadership.
I enjoyed it very much and it was totally worth the time and effort to drive into Bellevue and meet at the Harbor Club.  
So many of the meetings I attend seem to be a sales pitch and there was none of that here.
It was a great opportunity to network and talk to other Pacific Northwest  IT leaders about what they are doing at their companies.
It was put on by Nancy Truitt Pierce of the Woods Creek Consulting Company.
My favorite speaker at this meeting was Rory Hudson from Zumiez.
The next meeting is a Technology Executive Peer Group (TXPEG) meeting on Sept 25.

Dell Latitude E5530 - Unknown Driver/Device Solution

The Dell latitude E5530 is a great 15.6" laptop.
If you wipe the OS and reinstall with lets say; Windows 7 Enterprise; then you will be missing a few drivers.
There was one device that just kept showing up as "Unknown Device" in Device Manager and turns out that it was the Hard Drive free fall sensor.  If you go to you will find that under the driver downloads and then the chipset section.

The one I used was:
Free Fall Data Protectionv4.10.0036 (A05)January 02, 2013