Patch Tuesday January 11, 2011 causes BSOD on Windows 7

I found that all my Dell Vostro 220 and Vostro 230 desktops would get the blue screen of death when KB2454826 was installed, so I went to windows update and installed the chipset and video drivers that were available to update and then deselected KB2454826 so it would not install with the drivers.

I installed the driver updates, rebooted and then installed KB2454826 by itself and it worked!

If you get the BSOD, just press F8 right after the Dell logo goes off the screen to get into the Safe Mode menu and then choose "Safe Mode".
At that point safe mode sees the failed update and backs it out for you.
You will still need to resolve the conflict or it will just BSOD again the next day when the update installs again.

** A few hours later after the original post **
During my updates last night I found that updating Vostro 230 mini-towers would still BSOD even after I updated the drivers.
Uninstalling Symantec Antivirus 10 (SAV) before installing KB2454826 seems to be the solution for those computers that don't respond to driver updates. Re-installing SAV after the installation of KB2454826 did not cause any new problems.
If you still cannot find the source of the problem, you can hide the update on those PCs.
(Right click on the update and choose "Hide Update")

There also some people who are saying that sptd.sys can cause the BSOD.
That file is part of Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%. We don't use those here.

** Update 3 **
Update your graphics card drivers. The best bet is to get them from the manufacture's website.


DarkHorseSki said…
Yeah, that wasn't necessarily a very good description of what might have solved the problem.

We found that it hit our Dell Laptops but did not hurt our Dell desktops. We have SAV similar to what others have but not on every machine with the problem as some still had Trend Micro. We ended up hiding the update for now.
philbert said…
I noticed the BSOD too and figured out to do Safe Mode on my notebook. After work, I did a shutdown and turn back the machine at home and experienced the BSOD again. Had to do safe mode again and disable automatic installation on Windows Update. Have you heard any news from Microsoft regarding this?
Jonathan said…
I had the same issue on my network with Dell Desktops running Win7 Professionl. Rock solid machines no issues. Installed Jan updates and had BSOD everywhere.

Removing this from SUS and hoping to fix it.
Ed Hammond said…
The update has since been removed from Windows Update until the issues have been resolved.
aarjart said…
Im really hoping this is the problem. I have been tearing my hair out over this, and not been able to get much work done these last few weeks, due to the BSOD. Just found your info and unistalled the updates and hoping this solves the problem. WIN7 x64 user. Cheers guys.

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