Inter-tel Voice Over IP Phones

I got a used Inter-tel IP phone off ebay that wouldn't let me program it using the 7/8 key combination.

I was able to telnet into the IP phone with the default password of iptpassw and use the command DBMN to tell it the IP settings.
After that it still couldn’t connect because the firmware was not compatible with the v9 IPRC. The phone was at v1.01 and needed 8.1.0.

I looked in the manual and found out that I need to flash the latest 8.1.0 firmware and it should be called ipp+.hex
My v. disc has lots of firmware, but not that one. I did find it on the v9.0.0.1 disc.
I held down the 5 and 6 to get the 770.4500 into download mode.
It assigned itself an address of
I started the Upload utility and entered the IP address of along with the default account (IPT) and password (iptpassw).
I changed my PC IP address to so I could connect to the IP phone.
I started the upload and everything worked!

It looks like everyone was correct about the 770.4500 phones.
These older IP phones do not require an endpoint license.
My 8622 phones had to come with endpoint licenses at $200 a pop.
I DON"T have the Firmware for the 8622.  I only have it for the 770.4500.


Ed Hammond said…
Email me if you need the firmware..
Ed Hammond
xanderphillips said…
I've got an Inter-tel 8662 that I've read will work well with an Asterisk server if you have the correct firmware. Do you know if firmware updates for these phones are available on the Internet, or do they have to be purchased from Inter-Tel?
Ed Hammond said…
The firmware is not on the internet and I don't know if these will work with Asterisk in SIP mode.
I have firmware v8.2.0 from 2004 that came on the v9 CD and it adds SIP to the phone and support for the v8.2 and v9.0 IPRC.
The old firmware version was v1.5.0.
Did you need that firmware?
Josh Perry said…
Hey Ed,

We got an IPRC card on eBay and wanted to trunk it with another IP phone switch that we have (non-intertel) using MGCP or SIP. The problem is that the IPRC card is programmed to show as a Keyset 16 card.

I'd like to program it to support MGCP and/or SIP trunks, but I don't have any of the firmware. We are running 8.200 on our system right now.

Is this something you could help me with?
Ed Hammond said…
From what I understand you have to buy the Inter-tel SIP server and connect that to the IPRC.
After you add the IPRC card you should be able to change the type to IPRC and use if for VoIP phones or VoIP between Axxess switches (using 4 of the channels).
I had to buy the networking licenses to do that with mine, the license is on the CPU, not the IPRC card.
Do you need firmware for the IPRC?
Ed Hammond said…
I have the IPRC firmware from the v.9.0 CD.
That is all I have, and I don't know if you should use it with a v.8 system.
Do you have any old IPP+ firmware? Someone I sold some phones to is
looking for pre v.8.
I have added my email address to my profile if you want to email me so I can send the firmware to you.
Pat said…
Thanks to your awesome instructions. I have a 8622 I can now log into via the web interface and change settings. I also got the tftp server going and adden new cfg. I am using it on asterisks and it works fine for extention to extension calls, but I can't get a dial plan including the one you published and several what work with spa201 to work for outside dialing. Since all the programming of the commands on the phone etc.. are not reachable via the web interface. I tried turning on telnet via the wed interface but all attempts to telnet are rejected. Do I need a new generic firmware or the intertel utilities to fix these issues? Thanks in advance again awesome post. The only one on the net that helped at all.
Patrick said…
Hey Ed,
I have a 8662 phone with firmware v.1.0.33 and my IPRC is v9.0.0. I need to be able to do VLAN taqging and the guide says I need v.1.1.5 or later firmware for that. Do you have that version or a later version that will work on a 8662?
Ed Hammond said…
I don't have firmware for the 8662 and I don't have an Inter-tel system anymore. Sorry.
Theranger said…
My office has inter-tel 550.4500 phones. We have a admin voicemail pw but it's not working. We need to update/change/progarm the night mode message and set when it comes on etc.. is there any way to reset the pw from the admin phone. we don't have software to do this or can we get it? any help would be awesome!

Theranger said…
My office has 550.4500 inter-tel phones. we have an admin voicemail pw but it's not working. Is there any way to reset this pw from the admin phone. I don't think we have the software to do it. We need to modify/update/program the night mode message so when we leave it will pick up rather then having to turn night mode on/off manually from the admin phone. any help would be great! thanks!
Ed Hammond said…
I have not had an Inter-tel system for years, so I'm afraid I can't help.
Ed Hammond said…
I have zipped up all the firmware and PDF manuals for the 770-4500 here:
Ed Hammond and xander phillips: I have Asterisk running on a Raspberry Pi B+ and works fine with the inter-tel 8662v2, also using Linphone or CSipSipmle as a VoIP clint on a cell phone works great , as long as you route the packets to your VoIP Server.

Question for all:
I have the 8662v2 working great but I also have some 8622v2 (2.1.02) that I can't get working 100%. The phone registers but I can not hear that phone from another phone. I change the handest, cable and POE all with the same result ( can hear but cant transmit) any suggestions? Firmware upgrade?


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