If your looking to put Windows 10 IoT on your HP thin clients, here are my tips on doing that.

I picked up some used HP T620 thin clients that had WES7 on them and I wanted to bump them to Win10 after it was released.  The ones that I'm using have a 16GB mSATA SSD drives and 4GB of memory.  I had to wait awhile for HP to get the 10 image out, but now you can install the HP Recovery Image Download Tool (ThinUpdate) 64-bit and that will help you build a USB stick with the Win10 IoT installer on it.

Be sure to get the free management software too:  HP Device Manager

If your like me, you don't have the Win10 COA in the BIOS to activate this image, so it wants to block the install because the OS/BIOS check fails. Here is the work around:

Find this file on the flash drive: (Where your Flash drive is drive D:\)

Near the bottom, look for the deploy section and add -xb switch after IBRPE.EXE
REM - Deploy image. Remove C for OS
if exist C:\ call :REMOVEDRV C
%~dp0\IBRPE.EXE -xb %2 %1
goto :EOF

Adding the -xb command line switch disables the OS/BIOS check

After the install completed, I was able to capture the image with HP Device manager and install it on my other thin clients.  I did have to make separate images for both the Dual Core and Quad Core models.

Also, I have not been able to drop the IoT image over ThinOS.  There must be something in the BIOS that blocks that.  Let me know if you find a work-around.

Windows10 IoT is a specialized version of Enterprise, so you may be required to have a KMS server or Enterprise keys in order to activate.  It activated off my KMS server just fine.


ITman007 said…

The link of the sp74857.exe was removed, do you have any other link please.

All The best
Ed Hammond said…
I found thinupdate here:
Mark H said…
The -xb command is not working out for me...

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