SCVMM 2012 R2: There are currently no network adapters with network optimization available on host xxxx

Every time I stand up a new Hyper-V server I run into this message:
There are currently no network adapters with network optimization available on host xxxx.
Here are some of the things that I do to fix it.

Install the latest drivers from the Manufacturer's support site.  OpenManage from Dell didn't install the latest Broadcom drivers for some reason and I still had to download and install them. Check the Version and driver date on the driver after to make sure it actually updated. In March 2015, Broadcom published driver version 17.0 for download that fixes problems with VMQ.

Apply latest BIOS and firmware updates to all host components.
Set the Management network to the top of the binding order.
Configure SMB live migration if bandwidth is greater than 10gbps.
Network Connections, Press Alt to get the menu, Advanced, Advanced settings

Check your driver settings.  You want to make sure that the drivers for the NIC that will be used for Live Migration have been optimized for that.

  • Do you have Virtual Machine Queues (VMQ) enabled?
  • Do you have TCP Chimney Offload enabled? (Also known as TCP Checksum Offload)
  • Jumbo Packet set to 9000 or 9100?
  • Do you have SR-IOV Enabled on your 10GB NIC?
Now run this command from a Administrator CMD window to see what the OS has enabled/disabled:

netsh int tcp show global

Here is what I had:

TCP Global Parameters
Receive-Side Scaling State          : enabled
Chimney Offload State               : disabled

Turn on Receive-Side Scaling State (RSS) with this command:
netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled

Turn on Chimney Offload State with this command:
netsh int tcp set global chimney=automatic

Information about the TCP Chimney Offload, Receive Side Scaling, and
Network Direct Memory Access features

Turning on Chimney Offload State

Configuring Virtual Networks in VMM 2008 R2:

Configuring Virtual Networks in VMM 2012 R2:

This is snip from that page:

Network Optimization Support

With VMM 2008 R2, you can take advantage of network optimization capabilities that are available on hosts that are running Windows Server 2008 R2. VMM 2008 R2 supports both the Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ) and TCP Chimney features, which improve network performance for virtual machines that are bound to a physical network adapter that supports one or both of these features.
Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ). Network adapters that support the VMQ feature can create a unique network queue for each virtual network adapter and then connect that queue directly to the virtual machine’s memory. This connection routes packets directly from the hypervisor to the virtual machine, bypassing much of the processing in the virtualization stack.
TCP Chimney Offload. Network adapters that support the TCP Chimney Offload feature can offload the processing of network traffic from the networking stack. Both of these features increase network performance and reduce CPU utilization. For more information about network optimization, see the Windows Server 2008 R2 documentation.
If network optimization is enabled on a host that is running Windows Server 2008 R2, VMM automatically detects this. When you create a new virtual network in the Host Properties dialog box and then bind it to a network adapter that supports network optimization, the next time that you open the Host Properties dialog box, the Hardware tab will have a read-only property above the Host access check box to indicate that network optimization is available for the virtual network.
For a virtual machine to take advantage of network optimization, you must add a synthetic network adapter on the Hardware Configuration tab of the Virtual Machine Properties dialog box, connect it to a virtual network on which network optimization is available, and then select the Enable virtual network optimizations check box. This feature is not available for an emulated network adapter.

Here's how to check whether your Virtual Network (your NIC) supports the required hardware features: 


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