Installing Visual Studio Tools for Applications 2012 after getting Compatibility mode error

I went to use the developer tab of InfoPath 2013 and it told me that I needed to download the Visual Studio Tools for Applications 2012.  They were even nice enough to include a link!
When I downloaded the file and ran it, I got this error:
Setup Blocked, Windows Program Compatibility mode is on.  Turn it off and then try setup again.
I was not using Compatibility mode, and so this error didn't make sense.
I'm running Windows 8.1 with Update 1 and I didn't know if that was related.

I tried everything..  I installed the full Visual Studio 2012 Suite with Office Tools, I installed the VS2012 SDK, and still nothing worked and this wouldn't install.

Here is some of what I found in the log when it fails.

[15EC:11C4][2014-05-28T19:06:50]: Condition 'CompatibilityMode = 0' evaluates to true.
[15EC:11C4][2014-05-28T19:06:50]: Condition '(VersionNT < v6.1)' evaluates to false.
[15EC:11C4][2014-05-28T19:06:50]: Condition '(NOT netfxfullredist_43_DetectKeyExists) OR (netfxfullredist_43_DetectKey < v4.5)' evaluates to false.
[15EC:11C4][2014-05-28T19:06:50]: MUX:  Stop Block: CompatibilityMode : Windows Program Compatibility mode is on. Turn it off and then try Setup again.

The version I was using was published on 4/30/2013 and is here

Turns out that if you rename your download (vsta_setup.exe) to something else, it will not run correctly.  You must leave the name alone when you download it.  For example, if you download it twice and the second download is called vsta_setup (1).exe, executing that file will not work!

Hope this helps!


Qasim AlQari said…
Thanks a lot.
It helps me a lot.
I want to add small thing to make it clearer.

You have to rename the exe file to the original name instead of any other name.


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