Azure Active Directory Single SIgn-On with

After TechEd 2014 North America I decided to test out Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On with  I already had ADFS setup for Office 365, so it seemed a no brainer to try it out.

When I went to I had to setup a new account (That came with a trial $200 credit for the first 30 days).
Even though I already had office365 and Azure AD setup and running, I still had to create a new Azure account before I could see it.  Azure AD just showed up after my first login, I didn't have to do anything special.  I found it funny that when I asked about this at TechEd, the people from the Office365 booth and the guys in the Azure booth didn't know for sure if it would just show up or not.

On to setting up Applications with Azure AD with

They offer two types of Single Sign-On with
1. Windows Azure AD Single Sign-On
2. Password Single Sign-On


Password Single Sign-On works fine, but if you want more advanced functions, like creating users with Azure, then you want the Windows Azure AD Single Sign-on option.

It will give you a file called FederationMetadata.xml
When I contacted about importing this, this was the reply I got:

HI Ed -

Thanks for clarifying. So for set ups like this we recommend our program called Quick start. Here is a link to the description

This will help you through this process. It is $1000 but a one time fee. Let me know if you would like this service and I can send you a quote to sign and we can get it started right away.


Does anyone know if you really have to pay $1000 to get this setup or are they just pushing their consulting services?
The form Box linked to was for their consulting services that you might want to buy if you have not setup box yet.  I already have, so this seemed a little pointless to me when all I need was for them to upload the stupid xml file into their system.


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