Mail Recover Center (MRC) in Atlanta, GA

If the post office ever looses your package, God help you.
My $400 video card has been lost for 3 months.
In that time, they can still track it, but they seem to be too stupid to use the tracking number to figure out how to return it to the sender (me).
If you find the dead links on USPS that point to this internal only site: (This link is no good outside of the USPS network)

You can instead fill out the form at the actual site I found after a month of searching:
This is the site for the Mail Recover Center (MRC) in Atlanta, GA
I don't know why they make it so hard to find.


One item, 100 year old magneto, Red color mental outside case, mailed Priority in med box, approx 8"x8"x4" size, weighs maybe 15 pounds, has wire terminals posts, levers, Brand is Dixie model 462, box delivered with no contents so it burst out of box in transit, packing note sender information also missing,

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