Windows 10 Compatability testing for Boeing Prizm Plugin

I have been testing Windows 10 since the first Windows Insider preview in September 2014.
I'm testing the compatibility of the applications used in my Corporate environment and I have only found one program that fails to work with Windows 10 (Build 10159 as of this post).

The failed application is the Boeing Prizm ActiveX Viewer v10 SP1 PDF Plugin (v.  It's provided by Boeing to it's suppliers so that they can view drawings and export them to PDF.  The Viewer is made by Accusoft.
The executable that we get from Boeing is: PrizmPlug-in-ext.exe

When I'm on the Boeing Portal (REDARS) the page tells me that Prizm is not installed.
I was able to install Prizm, but I get this error:
UseDLL failed.  Couldn't load .DLL file.

On one test build of Windows 10 I was able to get Prizm to install, but it would crash when I downloaded DWGs from Boeing.
I hope Accusoft is working on a fix.


Brandon Mount said…
Hi Ed, Accusoft has a version of Prizm ActiveX Viewer released now, 10.3, that supports Windows 10, and I hear Boeing will have their REDARS version ready soon as well.
Ed Hammond said…
I got an email from the department at Boeing that is responsible for the Prism Plugin.
This is the email that they sent me on 2/11/2016:

There have been some issues discovered and we are working with the development group to work through, however, we do not have a firm date other than 4-6 weeks from now.

That would put the release sometime between 3/14/2016 and 3/28/2016, ..if were lucky.

Their email (for reference) is GRP CEDRS
Ed Hammond said…
Ed Hammond said…
I got an early copy from Boeing and on 2/23 I deployed it company wide with no issues.
Here is the command to install it silently.
msiexec /qn /i PrizmViewer10PDFMSI.msi
Brandon Mount said…
Thanks Ed!

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