Using Dead Man's Snitch with Windows Servers

About two weeks ago I came across a site called Dead Man's Snitch that makes it really easy to track your servers in the event that they go offline.
When your servers don't report back at a specified time, DMS will send you an email and you can also track your snitches in their smart phone app.

You get one free snitch to start and for $19/mo you can go Pro and get unlimited snitches.

To get this running all you need to do is send a simple Curl command from Unix/Linux in order to "Ping" the DMS servers with a heartbeat.  The command looks something like this: 


Where xxxxxx is a random code to identify your server. 
That's it, really simple.

Now if you want to use Dead man's Snitch with Windows it becomes a little more complicated.

First you will need to install the 64 bit version of cygwin from and make sure you search the installer for all references to curl and add them to the install.

Now you can create a Scheduled Task or batch file that just calls Curl like this:

 @echo off  
 cd C:\cygwin64\bin\  
 curl > DeadManSnitch.log


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