Lilly's Visual Quality for Visual Enterprise Troubleshooting

If you have Visual Quality installed at your site, then you know the wonders of setting up this very picky software. The hardest part for us has been getting it to work with Visual Enterpise. Also known as Visual Manufacturing. We are currently on version 6.3.8 of VM.

Here is a list of some tips on getting VQ to work.
I'm using SQL2000, but I'm sure this will apply to all the databases that Lilly supports.

Problem: I cannot login to Visual Manufacturing as IQS. I get a error window that asks me if I want to halt or continue.
Solution: Login as SYSADM and use the USERS dialog box to delete and recreate the IQS account. Then run "Fix Synonyms and Grants". Make sure you delete/create users from Visual Manufacturing and not from the database tools that come with SQL, Oracle or SQLbase.
I have had to do this on every test database I created. It does not harm the login of IQS to other VM/VQ databases. Remember, changing the password in one VM database will change it in all the others too.

Problem: The link to Visual Quality does not work from within VM. (Under Eng/Mfg)
Solution: Login as SYSADM and open Application Global Maintenance. Click on the last tab called "Defaults". In the Visual Quality area the path should look something like this: c:\visual\vqMake sure the database name is correct and do not include vq.exe on the end of the path.

Problem: I cannot access Application Global Maintenance from within VQ.
Solution: Make sure you are logged in as IQS.

Problem: I created a test database and copied the VQ database from my live production database, but now VQ will not startup when I try to load it from my test database.
It says I must be running VM first and I am!
Solution: Inside of the VQ Application Global there is a place to specify the VM database. Your copied VQ database is still pointing to the production database. You need to open your production database in VM, change the Application Global Maintenance to point to the new test VQ database, login now to the VQ database as IQS and change the database name in Application Global to match your test database. When your done you will need to go back to the production VM database Application Global Maintenance and change the VQ database name back to what it was.

Problem: I cannot get the Reports to install in VQ.
Solution: Make sure you use UNC paths to the server and that you have created a share on the server so that everyone can access the reports. The path should look something like this:
"\\vmserver\visual\vq\My Reports\"
"\\vmserver\visual\vq\Quick Reports\"
Click on refresh and then Install. Make sure you have the "\" on the end of the path.


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